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SOS Village Raises FamNet Forum

SOS Children’s Village in Alabang was the ideal venue for the third quarterly forum of Family Network (Famnet). Famnet is a group of non-government organizations (NGO’s) who realize the importance of the family in society.  Three public affairs missionaries attended the forum as representatives for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The missionaries were told that SOS CV was an orphanage and this peaked their interest as each of their families had been involved in adopting children.

This orphanage was definitely different than they thought it would be as they found that children are never adopted from the village.  It is the last place they come before they enter the world and start careers and families of their own. When asked to explain, Mr. Bien Delgado, National Director, SOS CV, Philippines, said that this is a place that caters to abandoned or orphaned children who often have siblings. Children are brought here so they can remain together and learn how to grow and function within a family.

This is a family strengthening program where 350 “mothers” head up households that are broken up into “families” of about 9 children. Each “family” lives in a small home where the mother cooks and cares for the children who feel protected and loved. This system allows siblings and family groups to remain intact. SOS believes that every child deserves a living parent and brothers and sisters.  They deserve a home in a village, which is a part of the community or barangay. Their vision and values include courage to take action, commitment to keep promises, trust, and accountability.

Before the missionaries were able to visit the village, they attended the FamNet Forum presentation by Ms. Lyra Verzosa. They were also invited to demonstrate the complete 72-hour kits they brought to donate to the SOS Village as an expression of appreciation.

After a lovely luncheon, a tour was conducted of one of the homes in the Village. The guide was the oldest sister in the family. She is now living in another dorm while she is attending high school, but she can go home and visit whenever she wants.  Three cute little girls opened the door and invited the guests in.  They were excited to go find Mommy so she could meet the guests, too. The home was brick, with a nice front room and kitchen. The girls were excited to show off their bedroom, their brothers’ bedroom and Mommy’s room.  Everything was clean and tidy as children in the home were taught responsibility and caring for each other and their home.

There was a sweet feeling of love there with pictures of the children on the wall. Just outside the home was a playground where two little girls were playing on the slide.  They were so cute as they interacted as “sisters”, whether by birth, or by being brought together in their wonderful SOS Village home.

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